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Adjective declension in German

There are many factors to consider when declining German adjectives – But don’t panic! Berlino Schule is here to help you Gute, guten, gutes, guter… do you ever find yourself wondering why the same adjective comes in so many forms? Adjectives are useful tools in a language since they can enrich a text or a […]

Prepositions of time and place

In this article we will illustrate the most common German prepositions of time and place German prepositions can be quite confusing when one first approaches them. Practice usually helps grasping the differences among them but, for the moment, we will try to explain this topic as easy as possible, so that you can immediately start […]

The German Perfekt (perfect tense)

What is the Perfekt and how do we build it? Here we try to sum up everything you need to know about this tense. The Perfekt, just like the Präteritum, is used to talk about something that happened in the past. In fact, the Perfekt and the Präteritum are often used interchangeably. You could say […]

German for architects online course – only 192€

Berlino Schule’s courses “German for architects” are tailored to architects, interior designer, civil engineer or architectural draftsman who want to learn the technical vocabulary of their field. Do you conduct every day various conversations with your colleagues or customers in order to convince with your projects? You want to express complex issues in a simple […]