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Second stop: Fernsehturm … But what is it exactly? All you need to know about the Berliner TV tower

Not just a symbol of the German capital city! The Berliner Fernsehturm has got a complex history behind its back As a multifaceted country, Germany hides lots of secrets and interesting cultural places. Berlin offers different fascinating monuments, such as Brandenburger Tor, Berliner Dom and the German Parliament (the so-called Reichstag). Last but not the […]

I have learned German. Now, my English is a disaster!

Learning a language might sometimes become a long, challenging and very arduous journey English is the third most-spoken native language in the world as well as the co-official language of the United Nations and the European Union. Since its birth, in the 12th century, the English language has evolved by meshing with different cultures such […]