The winners of the photocontest #quantoèbellaberlino

Today the photocontest #quantoèbellaberlino ended and we have selected the three winners! The prizes were a German course at Berlino Schule, a dinner for two at MedEATerranean Trip and an artisan bier tasting with apetizers at Birra.

Summer School

The Summer School courses are super-intensive German courses that last two weeks and take place from July to September. They consist of 5 -hour*  daily classes, from Monday to Friday, for a total amount of 50 hours*. The atmosphere is very friendly and the teachers certified and experienced. Here the information about the next courses.

The first winner has the possibility to take a course for free and complete a semi-level in just two weeks!

The contest

The photo contest aimed to represent Berlin and highlight its beauty. Of course there were the Berliner Dom, the Siegessaule and the Brandeburger Tor.

The final ranking

We have selected the final winners taking into consideration the likes each photo had on 2nd of July at 12:00.

The first place: with 1117 likes the winner is Elisa Pozzi with her photo Back to the 90ies.

The second place: with 613 likes Lorenzo Sartori wins the second prize with his picture Berlino è più forte della realtà.

The third place: with 176 likes Maria Stefania Atzori wins the third prize with her photo Duomo di Berlino.

Here the photo album of the contest #quantoèbellaberlino on Berlino Magazine’s Facebook page to enjoy the pictures of the German capital.

To claim the prizes send an email to


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